Our story.

Advance-Tek started in 2007 with a single and simple objective: enable Canada's already overwhelmed innovators to participate in the under-utilized and overly-complex SR&ED program.

While the concept may sound simple, it isn't. Busy managers and company executives are already under the gun. They have limited funds and resources to develop their idea. And while the benefits of Canada's lucrative and one-of-a-kind SR&ED program are attractive, companies fear that the effort they divert from critical business functions to pursue an SR&ED claim will result in a less than optimal return or no return at all. This serves as true for both large and small companies where budgets, timelines, and deliverables are paramount, especially as the economy recovers from the great recession.

Advance-Tek's value proposition is this: WE GET IT. We have been there. We're here to allow you to pursue the benefits of the SR&ED program, which may include a cash return of up to 74% of eligible expenditures, without the burdon associated with qualifying project analysis, claim preparation, and interface with CRA. Additionally, there is no up-front fee for our service. Our success is directly correlated with your success in recovering SR&ED dollars.

Our expertise.

Drawing on more than a decade of experience and expertise in SR&ED mentorship and claim preparation for companies in a broad range of industries allows Advance-Tek Consulting to provide significant value.

Using a combination of proven methods, Advance-Tek integrates itself into your company's operations, as is required, to gain an adequate understanding of your business and the activities and expenses that may be eligible for SR&ED.  Further, Advance-Tek provides budgetary assistance to allow for the forecasting of potential future SR&ED amounts in addition to ongoing project mentorship to ensure your company is aligning its efforts appropriately where SR&ED eligibility may apply.

We're very proud of our history and look forward to our future with you. As such, we're eager to share references and case studies to assist you in making the important decision to utilize Advance-Tek as your SR&ED advisory firm.

Contact us today, and in only a few short minutes speaking with one of our technical advisors we will help you determine your SR&ED eligibility. If you are satisfied with what you hear, we will then provide references so that you may learn more about Advance-Tek and determine whether we are right for you.





Our foundations

Knowledge:  More than a decade of mentoring clients and preparing SR&ED claims, coupled with ground floor technical and financial industry experience, Advance-Tek gets it.

Integrity:  Advance-Tek has built for itself a strong reputation with its clients and CRA for representing accurate and exhaustive data. This foundation of integrity allows clients to enjoy a fast and successful claim process.

Trust:  While CRA has enacted policy to ensure that SR&ED information is protected and controlled, Advance-Tek has strict controls and mechanisms in place to ensure the same.

Our track record

Diligence:  Advance-Tek immerses itself into your business to gain an intimate understanding of any SR&ED eligible activities and expenses. This attention to detail and exhaustive research into your business ensures your company benefits the most from the program.

Consistency: Advance-Tek's proprietary methods of client interaction, operational analysis, and claim preparation are time-tested and true. These methods not only result in a painless claim and return process, they leave for no surprises in an otherwise complicated process.

Reputation: There's nothing more important to a service provider than its reputation. Advance-Tek has built strong relationships with its clients over the years and this has resulted in a majority of new business coming from referrals. We're very fortunate to have such great clients!

Mark Wolff

markMark is a co-founder of ATC & currently acts as the Managing Partner. After finishing his Mechanical Engineering Technologist training at SIAST, Mark worked for a number of years in the world of engineering & technical sales. This experience, along with his formal education has given him a solid foundation of knowledge across most industries.

After more than a decade in the SR&ED world, Mark has experienced working with all types of organizations in all types of industries. His passion is to assist clients in smoothing out the SR&ED process throughout the year to ensure their claims are processed quick & fully-maximized.

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Clayton Sparks

claysparksClay is a co-founder of ATC and has always been tied to Marketing & Business Development. Finding new clients, developing new relationships, aligning with complementary organizations & groups, & facilitating networking opportunities for people to connect are Clay's professional passions.

Being involved in companies that are innovating in a wide range of industries has it's perks! You get to see REALLY neat companies that are often in their infancy that are working on the next big thing! This perspective & opportunity to add-value to their businesses has led to numerous involvements with clients at a deeper level.

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Greg Reimche

greg Greg has been with ATC since 2007 & became a partner in 2011.  He manages a large portfolio of clients & assists all of them to maximize their SR&ED claims. 

Having graduated from the SIAST as a Mechanical Engineering Technologist in 1995, where he also served as the President of the Mechanical Engineering Technologists Association, Greg began his career as a technical sales and design specialist for a national hydraulic and pneumatic design and supply company. He soon after earned certifications as an Applied Science Technologist, Fluid Power Specialist, Electro-Hydraulic Design Specialist and multiple other technological awards.

Greg brings a diverse and technical background to Advance-Tek, and has worked closely with many industries, technologies, and business processes. 

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