About the SR&ED Program

The Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) Program is the largest single source of government support for innovation funding in Canada.

Administered by Canada Revenue Agency  (CRA),  the program's mandate is to stimulate R&D by quickly and consistently delivering these incentives to companies that carry out eligible work.

The program provides claimants cash refunds and/or tax credits for their expenditures on eligible research and development work done in Canada.

In many cases, companies can enjoy a return in the form of cash or a fully refundable tax credits of up to 74% of their eligible expenditures (use ourcalculator to estimate your SR&ED return).

Let's try to uncomplicate the otherwise complicated...


It's what you do best, and it's the reason you are reading this sentence. You are an are an innovator. Whether you are working on developing, proto-typing, testing, or commercializing your idea, or enhancing a process or integrating with some other technology, you are an innovator. As such, you may qualify for government financial incentives to aid you in your efforts, and to accelerate your potential.


Using a combination of proprietary and proven methods, Advance-Tek integrates itself into your company's operations, as is required, to gain an adequate understanding of your business and the activities and expenses that may be eligible for SR&ED. Further, Advance-Tek provides budgetary assistance to allow for the forecasting of potential future SR&ED amounts in addition to ongoing project mentorship to ensure your company is aligning its efforts appropriately where SR&ED eligibility may apply.


The claim preparation process is the most dreaded component of the SR&ED program. After all, you need to get this right the first time to avoid a claim review by CRA and a delayed return. Having prepared hundreds of claims for dozens of clients in a variety of industries, Advance-Tek gets it right the first time, with a majority of claims being accepted and processed at face-value.


Now that all eligible activities and expenses have been captured and detailed in a prepared SR&ED claim, it won't be long before the claim is reviewed. If the claim has been prepared according to program requirements and it includes full technical and financial details for activities and expenses that meet the criteria of the program, you should receive an assessment letter from both the federal and provincial governments advising of the approval and the amount of return. This means that you will soon be able to reinvest actual dollars back into your business to expedite the commercialization and realization of a successful product or process.